Tres Palapas Code of Conduct

Pickleball Etiquette

All pickleball players at Tres Palapas Pickleball Baja Pickelball (TRES) shall abide by the following rules:

  1. Always wear appropriate attire on the pickleball courts, including shirts and court shoes.
  2. Do not bring any food, alcoholic beverages or glass containers on the pickleball courts.
  3. Always exhibit good sportsmanship when playing or observing others.
  4. Do not over-celebrate points won, taunt or degrade your opponents, act in an intimidating manner, use foul or abusive language or gestures or otherwise act in a way that would make other players feel uncomfortable or disrespected.
  5. Be respectful of opposing players and those on adjacent courts. Avoid unnecessary interruptions and minimize loud outbursts and distracting behavior.
  6. If you hit the ball into another court, immediately yell, “ball on court”. If a ball rolls onto your court, call out “ball”. If you hear “ball on court”, stop play immediately.
  7. If the ball is out on your side, call it “out”. If it’s close, give the benefit of doubt to your opponent. When the other team calls a ball out, accept the call. If you or your partner steps into the kitchen on a volley, call it yourself. Be cautious about calling kitchen or serving faults on others.
  8. “Poaching” is allowed in recreational play as long as the partner agrees with the strategy and how frequently it is used.
  9. Do not offer advice during a game to your teammate or opponent about their pickleball game unless that person has indicated that they are receptive to such advice. That does not mean that you cannot strategize with a teammate about how to best play the opponents.
  10. When players are waiting and have stacked their paddles on a challenge court, winners stay on the court. Losers must leave the court to allow the challengers to play.
  11. Accept responsibility for guests and family members in attendance.
  12. Learn and play by the official rules of pickleball as set out by the IFP (International Federation of pickleball).



TRES staff members receive regular safety training but are not healthcare professionals.  Emergency numbers are posted in the office in case of any health emergency.  Play safe.  If you observe anyone whose health or safety is in jeopardy, please report it to staff immediately.



All persons are encouraged to resolve any complaints or disputes first on an informal basis, with or without the involvement of TRES staff.  A formal complaint process has been adopted and is available for review in the office and on the TRES website.

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