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Drop In

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About Drop-Ins

Tres Palapas welcomes everyone who would like to try the pickleball craze. Our drop-in play is perfect if you are looking to play during our competitive morning play, social play later in the day, or if you’re a true pickleball addict that wants to play all day long.

Full Day Play

8AM – 6PM
$10 USD / 
200 Pesos

Happy Hour Play

Monday – Friday 3PM– 6PM
$5 USD / 1
00 Pesos


8AM – 6PM
$5 USD / 1
00 Pesos

Full Day Package

This package includes a full day of drop in pickleball where you can play with locals and visitors, as well as food and drinks.


Family Pass

The family pass includes drop-in passes for two adults and two children (14 years & younger). This is a great option for spending quality time with the family!


7-Day Pass

This pass gives covers your pickleball drop-in fees for one week.


Other Amenities

Food & Drinks

Restaurant & Bar

Our restaurant features great dishes for all ages to enjoy. Bring your whole family at the Tres Palapas Restaurant to get re-energized for the next days pickleball games! If you are planning to play pickleball and eat be sure to get our Full Day Package.

Lessons & Workshops

Improve Your Skill

Learn how to play this wonderful and fun game we call Pickleball from our Pros and experience the fastest growing sport in the world today!


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