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Tres Edge Clinic

December 17, 2019 - December 19, 2019

Clinic Cost: $295 USD

Tres Edge clinics are incredible value, that include a variety of services at an affordable rate. The clinics are led by our certified instructors in our world-class pickleball facility.  The clinics are three-day boot camp style clinics designed for novice and intermediate level players (skill levels 3.0-4.0).

Pickleball can be thought of as a story that unfolds, chapter after chapter, with each rally having a beginning middle and end. Our clinics include sequential pickleball instruction covering all aspects of the game in the order they appear during a rally.



During the first two days of the clinic we’ll cover the pickleball story from beginning to end. Your days will be full of pickleball instruction, drills, and perhaps even a little fun! 😉

Chapter 1: The Serve

And so, the story begins… the serve. Often neglected but extremely important, the serve is the only opportunity we have to strike the ball without having to return it from an opponent’s shot. In the past we were told just to get the serve in but now focus has shifted to serving more aggressively to force your opponents to hit a weak return. Instruction will cover technique, positioning, targets and much more!

Chapter 2: The Return

The return is oftentimes the most misunderstood chapter in the game of pickleball. What should you be attempting to do on your return of serve? How fast should you hit your return and what targets should you be aiming for? How do you position yourself to hit the return and move to the kitchen line? We’ll answer these questions and complete drills so that your opponents dread hitting the third-shot into the defensive wall that you and your partner have established at the kitchen line!

Chapter 3: The Third-Shot

In order to score a point you need to hit a successful third-shot. What do we mean by a successful third-shot? How do you move from the baseline to the kitchen line? How do you communicate with your partner on the third-shot. When should you hit a third-shot drive versus a third-shot drop? Is lobbing an option? The third-shot drop is often considered the hardest shot in the game but should it be? Together we’ll explore strategies for hitting a successful third-shot so that you can enter into the meat-and-potatoes of the pickleball story – play at the kitchen line.

Chapter 4:The Fourth-Shot

Not often discussed, but the fourth-shot is important for defending the third-shot and for attempting to keep your opponent’s in a vulnerable position at the baseline. Let’s practice how we can block a hard third-shot drive (bangers beware!), how to position yourself to cover the line, and when we might want to attack or play more conservatively when returning a third-shot.

Chapter 5: Playing at the Kitchen

Both teams have successfully arrived at the kitchen line. This chapter of the pickleball story is where you’re going to spend most of your time if you want to play at a high level. During the Tres Edge clinic we will discuss the ready position and the importance of anticipation, tethered movement, directional positioning and when to dink defensively and aggressively.

Chapter 6: Shaping the Point and Attacking

Sure dinking is fun but it’s never as fun as attacking a high ball for a winner. This final chapter of the pickleball story discusses how to shape the point, criteria for when to attack, how to defend attacks, and hitting and defending lobs.



The third day of the clinic is your opportunity to put to work what you’ve learned! Your third day includes group gameplay and video analysis as well as a rotating partner round robin tournament.

Group Gameplay Analysis

An instructor will watch your group play, and will provide real-time feedback about technique, decision making and strategy. This is a great way to receive immediate feedback to learn about, and quickly implement, more effective approaches to the game. This is your final warm up before participating in the round robin.

Round Robin Tournament

The tournament is a rotating partner round robin. You’ll play one game with every player in your group (group size is typically 5-9 players). After the round robin is finished, the top four players will play in a 3-game playoff.

Group Video Analysis

Many of us learn better through seeing and watching rather than by listening. When you’re able to see what you need to improve, you’re more likely to correct your movement, technique, shot selection and overall performance. As a group we’ll review video of your play during the round robin and discuss what worked well and situations where different approaches may have been more effective.

Certification of Completion and Comprehensive Clinic Manual

Boot camp style clinics are a great way to receive a lot of instruction in a short period of time. That said, it’s common for clinic participants to suffer from information overload. After completing the Tres Edge clinic you’ll receive a certification of completion and a comprehensive manual covering all of the clinic content. This is your reference guide so that you can ensure you integrate all of the clinic content into your regular play.





December 17, 2019
December 19, 2019
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