Whether you are new to pickleball or want to take yourself to the next level, our certified instructors can help you.
Our instructor:
Pam Stevenson is an IPTPA Level II certified instructor and is available to teach intermediate to advanced players.


Contact the instructors directly for private lessons.

Skills and Drills

Skills and Drills is offered every Tuesday at 3pm where John Bryan will focus on vigorous drills to develop specific shots. The clinic is about 30 minutes. $10. Advance registration required.

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Pickleball Lessons

This is geared for beginners through intermediate players. It will be offered at 3:30pm every Monday and Wednesday. A teacher will teach newbies the rules and scoring and the more advanced players skills like dinking, court positioning, better return of serves, the third shop drop (the most important shot in pickleball), etc…..all to make them better players. Fun, fun, fun! $15 per person. Minimum three people. 

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Intermediate Workshop Series

Pam Stevenson will lead four workshops:

Feb. 19th – Third Shot
Feb. 26th – Dinking and Attacking
Mar. 5th – Blocking and Volleying with ball machine
Mar. 12th – Teamwork and Strategy

The workshops happen on Fridays from 11am – 12pm. $25 USD which includes the daily fee. The minimum workshop size is three participants.

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Private Lessons

Book your private lesson at the front desk or by contacting the following instructors directly.  

 Pam Stevenson (for intermediate to advanced players)
541-350-2860, pam_stevenson@hotmail.com

1 hour lesson.

Hourly rates:

1 person: $50 member per person, $55 non member per person

2 people: $30 member per person, $35 non-members per person

3 people: $25 members per person, $30 non-members per person

4 or more people: $20 members per person, $25 non-members per person

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