Tres Edge is Tres Palapas’ advanced training services intended for those looking to take their game to the next level. Are you tired of a training plateau and seeking new skills and strategies that will give you the competitive edge? If so then sign up for some of our Tres Edge services!

Game Play Analysis

Have a Tres Palapas instructor watch and analyze your pickleball play. An instructor will watch your group of 4 play, and will provide real-time feedback about positioning, movement, shot selection and general strategy. This is a great way to learn about, and quickly implement, more effective approaches to the game. $25 per person.


Tres Palapas workshops provide instruction on specific skills that are sure to elevate your game. Workshops include 1.5 hours of instruction and all participants receive detailed workshop notes. $25 per person. Some of the workshops we are offering include:

  • Positioning and Movement
  • The Land of Opportunity
  • Beating Bangers

Drill Sessions

How often do you drill? Let me guess – not enough! Drilling is crucial for improving your pickleball performance. Join our drill sessions where our instructors will outline several fun and dynamic drills that will help you refine your skills and take your game to the next level. Our philosophy is that drilling doesn’t need to be boring! What are you waiting for – start drilling today!

Video Analysis

Many of us learn better through seeing and watching rather than by listening. When you are able to see what you need to improve, you are more likely to correct your movement, technique, shot selection and overall performance. This service is an extremely popular service offered at Tres Palapas and includes 20 minutes of gameplay video (with audio commentary) and a written summary of what you’re doing well, what you should work on to improve, and suggestions for drills and instruction. $50 per person.

Our Edge Classes & Clinics

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